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Three years after the launch of the Fit For Market programme, the volume and frequency of requests for support addressed to COLEACP demonstrate both growing needs and the dynamism of the ACP domestic, regional and international markets. To date, Fit For Market has received 773 requests for intervention, of which 745 have been analysed and 494 transformed into support projects jointly established between partner organisations and COLEACP experts.

In view of the resources available under Fit For Market, the programme is now entering a new phase. From January 2020, requests for intervention received by COLEACP can unfortunately no longer give rise to action plans involving individual support, and will therefore be limited to the possibility of accessing COLEACP’s collective services.  

COLEACP is now working to mobilise its technical and financial partners to identify additional resources that will enable responses to the daily requests for support received from private and public stakeholders in the agri-food sector of ACP countries. 



Applications for assistance received by COLEACP through the Fit For Market programme come from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and private/public actors representing the collective interests and diverse challenges facing the agri-food sector in ACP countries


To submit your request to COLEACP for support from the FIT FOR MARKET programme, please provide the following 3 documents by sending them to . These 3 documents are:

  • The specific request for support (different according to the category of beneficiary - Word form to download in the table below)
  • A copy of an official document presenting your legal entity (company registration/Individual tax number).
  • The COLEACP application form (Optional)

Request for intervention

Requests for support from the FIT FOR MARKET programmes are different depending on which category of beneficiary best corresponds to you or your organisation. Simply click on the relevant icon of to download the appropriate form, fill it in and send it back to

Before completing your application form, we invite you to consult the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.


Categories of potential beneficiaries Download

If you are a (producing and/or exporting) company or a cooperative in the fruit and vegetable sector

English version

If you are a service provider

English version

If you are a producer support organisation (NGO, extension service (public or private), support programme)

English version

If you are a producer organisation (acting as a representative)

English version

If you are a professional association

English version

If you are a training centre, a vocational school or a university

English version

If you are a public service and/or a competent authority, a technical or a public/private dialogue platform, please send an e-mail explaining your activities and the issues you face to