Inter-service internal meeting - Pilot Phase - Mini survey for feedback and follow up

I would like these meetings to continue *
The purpose of the meeting is clear *
This kind of internal meeting is useful on a collective level *
1 hour is the right duration *
One meeting every two weeks is the right frequency *
It’s important that a designated representative of each COLEACP department attends the meeting *
It’s fine if the designated representative can’t attend, so long as they send a deputy – it’s an opportunity for others in the department to be involved sometimes *
Presenting the key points verbally without visual aids is efficient *
The moderation/facilitation of the meeting is appropriate *
I would prefer to speak in French during the meeting *
The minutes of the meeting are useful *
The minutes should be shared with colleagues within each department *
The minutes should be shared with “All COLEACP” *
It would be useful to have an agile ROTI (Return On Time Invested*) for this meeting *