Standard operating procedure (SOP) for the implementation of plant protection product (PPP) field trials

Standard operating procedure (SOP)
Specific production techniques and approaches
42 A4 English, French 2020

This document describes in detail the requirement (Standard Operating Procedure - SOP) for implementing both efficacy and residues field trials for plant protection products (PPPs). Much of the procedures are the same for both types of trials, but – especially with sampling – there are difference. This is indicated throughout the text when necessary. Also included are SOP summary checklists for both types of trial that are based on the SOPs used by the COLEACP.
This document is a generic one and can be used to develop specific SOPs for trials. While the SOP summary checklists provide an easy to use document, the detail in the text describes how PPP trials should be planned, and how PPP(s) should be handled, applied and samples/data managed in order to obtain the required results and therefore must be closely followed.