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What is Fit For Market SPS and how can it support you?

  • COLEACP’s FFM SPS programme works to strengthen sanitary and phytosanitary systems in the ACP horticultural sector.
  • It focuses on challenges faced by ACP exporters of fruit and vegetables, particularly in light of the new European Union plant health rules coming into force in 2019 and the changing regulations affecting the use of plant protection products.
  • The programme works to support all actors in fruit and vegetable value chains – producers, support services, national competent authorities and regional economic communities.
  • Support is targeted at upgrading national competent authorities’ SPS capacity and systems through participatory processes with national stakeholder platforms and SPS Committees – processes that also improve these organisations’ ability to represent their members’ views and interests.
  • With a strong link to research, FFM SPS identifies, tests and adapts technologies in the local context, for example in relation to establishing pesticide maximum residue levels (MRLs), applying Good Agricultural Practices, and supporting local registration of new products.
  • The programme disseminates timely updates on decisions, policies and trends that have a potential impact on competitiveness and market access for ACP suppliers; and lobbies regulators, policymakers and standard-setters on behalf of the ACP horticultural sector.
  • In addition, since 2021, the FFM SPS programme complements the FFM programme with the same expected results towards smallholders, farmer groups and MSMEs
  • As a reminder COLEACP’s FFM programme assists smallholders, farmer groups and MSMEs to access international and domestic horticultural markets by complying with market and sanitary/ phytosanitary (SPS) requirements. 
  • At the core of the programmes is sustainable intensification – increasing production while minimising negative impacts on the climate, ecosystems and the productive environment. 
  • Support focuses on the business case so that adopting good practice not only facilitates market access, but genuinely helps suppliers run more efficient, profitable and resilient businesses. 

Given the high number of requests for intervention received by COLEACP through the FFM and FFM SPS programmes, COLEACP is of course working to mobilise its technical and financial partners to identify additional resources that will enable responses to the daily requests for support received from private and public stakeholders in the agri-food sector of ACP countries.


To submit your request to COLEACP for support from the Fit For Market SPS programme, please provide the following documents by sending them to   . These documents are:

  • The specific request for support (different according to the category of beneficiary - Word form to download in the table below)
  • A copy of an official document presenting your legal entity (company registration/Individual tax number).

Request for intervention 
Requests for intervention from the Fit For Market SPS programme are different depending on which category of beneficiary best corresponds to you or your organisation. Simply click on the relevant icon of to download the appropriate form, fill it in and send it back to .

In addition, we highly encourage you to join the association. Click here for more information on why to join the association. Please note that the start and/or continuation of support activities provided through the FFM SPS programme is not conditioned to being officially member of the association.

For more information on the FFM SPS Programme, download the full document.

Competent authority (e.g. National Plant Protection Organisation)



Company, cooperative (MSME)



Producers organisation (representation role)



Professional Association



Services provider, consultant, certification body



Support structure for producers



Training Structure