Service Procurement Notice: 

« Support to COLEACP and its beneficiary partners to strengthen the competitiveness of the ACP agri-food sector in national, regional and international (with a specific emphasis on the EU27/UK) markets through business/market intelligence and enhanced up-to-date information and communication »

Ref.: COLEACP/AO/211181

Submission of the application file:

In order for your application to be considered, please adhere to the following instructions:
Your application / expression of interest must reach COLEACP no later than Wednesday 17th  March 2021.
Responses may be submitted using the following languages: English or French

General information on the applicant:
(company/consulting firm/independent consultant) *in case of preselection of the applicant, the name here referenced will be used for the short list. No further changes will be allowed
Information required:
2.    Please provide the names of expert(s) (to a maximum of 5) who technically meet the expertise requirements. Please give their name and a brief description (max. 200 words) of their skills and experience in relation to the terms of reference.