COLEACP launches new Digital Distance Training

COLEACP is moving from face-to-face training to digital training in the context of COVID-19.

To comply with precautionary measures related to COVID-19, for the time being COLEACP has cancelled the organization of group training sessions. As an alternative, digital distance training is the best solution. Digital distance learning cannot entirely replace face-to-face training. However, methods and technologies are now available to achieve a highly satisfactory quality of training.

COLEACP has already moved ahead with the launch of Digital Distance Training as a core activity. Our e-learning platform has been enhanced and we are providing new digital tools to trainers to assist in creating their digital courses (creating videos, etc.). COLEACP staff are working hand-in-hand with ACP trainers, moving from face-to-face training to digital. Some ACP trainers have already received online training on how to use those digital tools effectively.

Training on COVID-19 preventive measures

COLEACP is currently working on launching digital distance training on COVID-19 preventive measures, which will address the following topics:

  • understanding the virus and the disease
  • raising awareness on protective measures against the spread of the virus
  • reducing the risks within companies
  • integrating COVID-19 measures in food safety management systems
  • introducing the new requirements of private standards with regard to the virus (e.g. British Retail Consortium (BRC) and GLOBALG.A.P.).

This training will be available via COLEACP’s e-learning platform, and is addressed to local experts and key players from ACP countries (such as NGOs, national producers’ federations, public services, horticultural companies, women’s associations and medical staff). Their role is to quickly spread key messages and good practices among the horticultural sector and its communities, using the awareness-raising and information tools (leaflets and brochures, podcasts, etc.) currently being developed by COLEACP.

Given the emergency, this COVID-19 training will be launched soon in most ACP countries.

Other training topics go digital

In addition to COVID-19 training, COLEACP has recently introduced its first digital training in Ghana aiming at building capacity on integrated management measures for fruit fly control for fresh export technical managers. It has been a success for both trainers and trainees, who enjoyed the outcome of this digital training. Thanks to the trainers M. SARPONG Mark and M. ADDY Kenneth for their contributions.

Last but not least, COLEACP is currently working on conducting other digital training, both for ACP horticultural export companies (‘Recovery of waste from the mango sector’; and ‘Commercial negotiation’), and for experts to deliver training-of-trainers. As an example, in the coming months COLEACP will organize training-of-trainers on ‘Environmental management’ to strengthen the technical and teaching skills of experts, which will allow them to subsequently play the role of trainers and coaches for the technical managers of companies, particularly in the context of training sessions organised by COLEACP.

For more information, please visit our e-learning platform:

A photo of you in your job

On 19 April, in collaboration with Mr. Seun, a young farmer from Nigeria, COLEACP launched a challenge:

To all professionals in the Agriculture Industry, join the challenge to post a photo of you in your job. Just a picture, no description. The goal is to flood social media with our profession as we continue feeding the nations #COVID19 #lockdown

So far 296 farmers from all over Africa have participated, reaching 773 people. See the growing set of photos of African farmers at work here – and if you are an agricultural professional, join the challenge.