In order to assist members, partners and beneficiaries perform a comprehensive Brexit readiness assessment, COLEACP has compiled a series of elements intended to better appreciate potential implications of Brexit on current business models, with a specific focus on whether main impacted supply chains are sufficiently resilient to continue functioning in a post-Brexit environment. The following news is structured in three main sections.

It is strongly recommended to move from Context to Main issues and implications prior to dive into Impacted supply chains.

  • Context: this section presents briefly background information on the Brexit process, and potential Brexit options that are still on the table
  • Main challenges and implications: this section briefly explores some of the main issues and implications going along with a hard Brexit and/or a “no deal” Brexit, especially regarding triangular supply chains, tariffs and non-tariffs issues and contractual concerns
  • Impacted supply chains: this section focuses on the main issues to be addressed for triangular and non-triangular supply chains, as well as a checklist of actions/questions to be considered. Triangular supply chains stand for goods which are either landed first in a EU27 member state before forwarding to the UK and neighbouring EU27 countries or which are being landed in the UK for forwarding to an EU27 member.
  1. I am a company exporting directly to the UK and my products stay in the UK

  2. I am a company exporting directly to the EU27 and my products stay in the EU27

  3. I am a company exporting to the UK via a point of landing in the EU27

  4. I am a company exporting to the EU27 via a point of landing in the UK

  5. I am a company exporting to the EU27 and my products transit through the UK to serve markets in the Republic of Ireland

  6. I don’t know


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