This website brings together the e-platforms developed by COLEACP and its programmes to enable digital knowledge-sharing and facilitate the transfer of technical and educational know-how. Programme beneficiaries and members of COLEACP have access to all these e-services.

Based on 20 years’ experience in the sustainable development of agriculture and agribusiness in ACP countries, A series of references are available in this online resource centre.

The distance learning platform is a tool for acquiring skills and expertise in the fields of agricultural production and trade, based on personalised learning paths and interactive certification processes. It is also an opportunity to test and improve your knowledge.


The COLEACP’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) database allows the selection of a crop and an active substance to obtain information on GAPs that ensure compliance with the maximum residue limit (MRL) set by the European Union (EU), as well as the Codex Alimentarius MRL. Further information is also available on active substances (type, EU status, WHO classifications, FRAC, RAIC, ACP approvals).